* Avoid Psychic Vampires

How to Identify and Avoid Psychic Vampires

Have you ever been walked into a room and suddenly felt drained of all life and energy? Chances are you were a victim of a psychic vampire. I’m not talking about the cape-wearing vampire wannabes out there. Psychic vampires are people who feed off of the energy of other, usually without being aware of their toxicity.

How psychic vampires process energy:

Psychic vampires are usually people with low self esteem, who need constant reassurance. They are usually unsatisfied in life, depressed and lacking in energy. These people demand our attention, our advice,knowledge and opinion, but in the process somehow succeed in taking more from you than they mean to. Here are a few things that you can do to identify and protect yourself:

A psychic vampire is constantly searching for something, be it advice, validation, or just a shoulder to cry on. Everybody has someone like this in their life. The kind of friend who only calls when they want something. These are the type of friends you should avoid. You may need to end a friendship, but you will find that you are happier and have more energy after ending this toxic relationship.

When you walk into a room, pay attention to how you feel. If you suddenly feel depressed, or tired, there may be a psychic vampire in the room. Pay attention to how you feel as you spend time with friends and family. Are you losing energy,feeling ill, dizzy, tense, irritable? These are all signs of a psychic attack, and people who make you feel that way should be avoided.

Protecting Yourself And Recovery

The following are some suggestions on how to protect yourself from vampire attacks and/or recover from them.


To protect yourself and/or recover from any psychic vampire attack you must of course, first realize you have been or are being attacked. To do this, you must cultivate awareness within yourself. Practising meditation or just trying to focus and become more attuned daily and in general to your body’s subtle reactions to its environment will help to achieve awareness and develop intuiton.

Rest, Eat, and Relax:

If you feel drained and excessively tired after being around a certain person on rare occasions, and you believe it is because he/she is a psy-vamp, the most effective thing you can do is just sleep, eat and relax. For at least a week or so, keep a regular sleep cycle, eat nutritious balanced meals, and meditate/listen to music/relax. This should help replenish your normal level of energy. Light Exercise in addition to resting, eating and relaxing will also help to build up your natural psychic defense system and boost your energy levels.

Closing the Circuit:

If you believe you are being attacked by a psychic vampire at a specific moment and want to block the vampire from feeding, the quickest way to do so is by crossing limps, like your arms or legs while sitting. Many people already know this is a way of closing yourself off intuitively but it really helps.

Aura Cleansing:

And I don’t mean a puppy lick, here, folks….we’re talking about some deep down and dirty energy cleansing. The aura, as I’ve explained is the energy that surrounds your body and as such can be “cleaned” to help the body, mind and spirit to become healthier. The next time you are taking a shower or a bath, take some deep breaths and really make an effort to feel the water against your skin. Visualise that this water is cleansing away all the weak spots you perceive intuitively throughout your body. .


April 4th, 2015

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